Buchecha Improves MMA Record To 3-0 With 1st-Round ONE 158 Victory

Record-setting BJJ world champion Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida picked up the third consecutive victory in his professional MMA career with a quick win over Absolute MMA’s Simon Carson.

Buchecha started the action with an attempted leg kick that missed its mark. Carson then narrowly avoided a front kick to the face, coming back shortly thereafter with a leg kick of his own. Buchecha threw out another leg kick, then another front head kick, following it up with a successful takedown. Carson worked half-guard and tried to find a way out from under Buchecha, but the latter kept Carson where he wanted him and landed a punch to the face. Carson entered lockdown against Buchecha, who was working a Von Flue choke. Carson escaped immediate danger and nearly made it to his knees, but was then forced back to half-guard by Buchecha’s relentless pressure.

With about two minutes and forty seconds to go in the first round, Buchecha slipped up to mount. From there, he rained down punches while Carson could do nothing but defend, and the referee called the fight at the exact same moment that Carson’s corner threw in the towel.

Buchecha had initially been scheduled to fight Oumar “Reug Reug” Kane. Not for the first time, however, the pairing fell through in April, and Hugo Cunha stepped in to fight Buchecha instead at ONE 157. However, that fight was postponed due to COVID and safety protocols, as announced by the promotion. Carson, who owns combat sports apparel company MA1 Combat, took the fight on short notice. His professional MMA record now stands at 2-2.


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