Garry Tonon, Podcast Host?

One of the biggest names in competitive grappling, Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon, will be starting a podcast soon.

Tonon took to social media hours ago to announce the news and ask Facebook and Twitter followers about guests, formats, and topics he should have or discuss on his show.

Tonon got some responses on his Facebook page. Some suggested he have some of the “lesser heard of guys” on his show while others, perhaps with a bit of sarcasm, suggested rivals such as Dillon Danis.

Starting a podcast soon, any suggestions? Guests, format, topics?

Posted by Garry Lee Tonon on Monday, July 3, 2017

I’m curious to know about the name. The Garry Tonon Show? Tonon Talks? Garry’s Super Terrific Awesome Show?

Whatever it is, though, Garry Tonon has proven he can entertain on podcasts as well as he can entertain on the mats. If you don’t believe me, check out the time he was on the Joe Rogan Experience.

What do you think of Garry Tonon’s idea to start his own podcast?



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