Garry Tonon Retains EBI Lightweight Championship – EBI 13 Full Results

EBI 13 Full Results

Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon is still the EBI Lightweight Champion.

Tonon won all of his matches via submission, tapping Vagner Rocha in regulation. Vagner left his leg open as Garry played single X guard. Rocha sat and tried to roll out, but Tonon held on and cranked for a heel hook.

Is there any force more dominant in EBI than Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon? If there is, we have yet to see it.

You can catch Garry Tonon next at EBI’s Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds next month!

First Round:

  • Garry Tonon (Champion) Vs Chance “The Prodigy” Braud – Garry wins via heel hook
  • Ross Keeping Vs John Battle – Ross Keeping wins via leg lock
  • Andreas Achniotis Perales Vs Lucas Valente – Lucas Valente wins via knee bar
  • Keith Krikorian Vs James Gonzalez – Keith Krikorian win via quickest escape in OT
  • Vagner Rocha Vs Issa Able – Vagner Rocha wins via RNC in OT
  • PJ Barch Vs Jason “The Specimen” Soares – PJ Barch Wins via Quickest escape in OT
  • Mike Padilla Vs Mikey Main – Mike Padilla wins heelhook
  • Nathan Orchard Vs Brandon Walensky – Nathan Orchard wins via submission in OT

2nd Round:

  • Garry Tonon Vs Ross Keeping – Garry Tonon wins via triangle armbar
  • Lucas Valente Vs Keith Krikorian – Lucas Valente wins via RNC
  • Vagner Rocha Vs PJ Barch – Vagner Rocha wins via quickest escape in OT
  • Mike Padilla Vs Nathan Orchard – Nathan Orchard win via Submission

Semi Finals:

  • Garry Tonon Vs Lucas Valente – Garry Tonon wins via heelhook
  • Vagner Rocha vs Nathan Orchard – Vagner Rocha win via quickest escape on OT


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