RESULTS: Garry Tonon Demolishes Richard Corminal At MMA Debut With Second Round TKO

Screenshot/Twitter/ONE Championship

If you didn’t think Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon could strike, you were wrong!

Tonon made his mixed martial arts debut tonight in Bangkok, Thailand, against Richard Corminal at ONE Championship’s Iron Will, and Tonon punched his lights out.

They started out with a touch of the gloves and Tonon switched stances immediately. Corminal threw a leg kick and some huge punches, but he missed completely. Richard threw a huge kick, but Garry charged in with a kick of his own.

Garry Tonon One FC MMA Debut
Garry Tonon MMA Debut

Tonon put some of his high kicks on display, showing that he wasn’t just going to turn this match into a grappling match. Corminal caught him on the chin, but Tonon shook it off.

Garry threw a body kick, he then caught his opponent with a left hook.

Tonon then dropped his hands, trying to bait his opponent.  He didn’t keep them down for long, though.

At 1:30, Tonon finally went for a takedown, landing a double leg easily. Corminal defended with the legs and worked his way back up, but not before Tonon landed a huge punch.

Seconds later, though, Tonon dropped Corminal with a right and swarmed in with some bombs. Corminal covered and cowered, barely surviving the first round.

Round 2 and Garry came in with more high kicks. He slipped on one of them, but got up right away.

Tonon then landed an easy single leg. Corminal tried to defend with some up kicks, but Garry rained down more bombs. Richard turned to his back but Tonon was all over him.

Garry got in full mount and dropped some massive elbows. Corminal worked his way up, though.

Tonon struggled for a bit, but swept him. Again, Corminal tried to threaten with some up kicks in order to keep his opponent away, but Garry still landed some shots.

Garry went for a banana split submission, but moved to mount. From there he pounded away easily and gave the referee no choice but to end the fight.

After such a dominant victory, The Lion Killer couldn’t help but celebrate with a People’s Elbow.

The Lightweight division in ONE Championship had better be on notice: Garry Tonon is a force to be reckoned with!




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