Garry Tonon Submits Rahul Raju At ONE Championship

Garry Tonon’s highly anticipated fight against Rahul Raju at ONE Championship finally happened, and the result left no question about who was the more dominant fighter.

Tonon mostly dominated the first round despite receiving a few solid strikes to the face. He was able to get Raju to the ground and isolate a leg for a heel hook attempt about halfway through the round, but Raju was able to escape. Tonon was again able to secure a heel hook on Raju as the last minute of the round drew closer, but Raju was able to escape. The round finished with Tonon delivering a barrage of strikes to Raju on the ground.

Round two saw a lot less action on the ground, although Tonon was able to land a takedown on Raju. The two fighters exchanged strike and kick attempts, although there were few significant hits.

Tonon again dominated the third round, spending much of his time in mount. Raju escaped a triangle attempt by Tonon, but was soon taken down again. Tonon climbed to his opponent’s back to sink in a rear naked choke, and although Raju was initially able to defend, he ultimately tapped out with under two minutes left in the third round.


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