Garry Tonon’s Trolling Dillon Danis

Garry Tonon is trolling Dillon Danis on social media.

I know, I know… I was shocked to hear about it, too. After all, everyone knows what a quiet, respectful, soft-spoken young lad that sweet little “Lion Killer” is.  Personally, I blame his behavior on video games and heavy metal music.  But whatever it is, he’s acting like a big ol’ meanie lately.

Check it out below:

I'll just leave this right here. Sometimes I don't even need to troll.

A post shared by Garry Lee Tonon (@garrytonon) on

What happened to you, Garry? You were always such a good kid!

Garry Tonon and Dillion Danis will be headlining Polaris 5 on August 19 at the O2 Indigo Theater. Fans who can’t make it to the O2 can watch all of the action live on UFC Fight Pass.


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