Some Genius Tried To Rob A BJJ Class…During Class!

Facebook video screenshots

I recall there was once a show called America’s Dumbest Criminals. If it’s still on, this guy would win every season.

The genius in this video decided to rob a BJJ class…during the class!

Granted, we have to give the guy some credit. He was smart enough to get out of the school quickly. But he also had six jiu-jitsu students chasing him out the door.

The robbery was posted yesterday. No news yet on whether he was caught.

Check out the video below:

There have been various examples of robbery attempts from criminals against establishment owned by Jiu-Jitsu practitioners but this has to be a first time that someone is actually stupid enough to attempt to rob a BJJ academy full of fighters!Repost Zapjitsu

Posted by on Wednesday, October 4, 2017



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