Geo Martinez Withdraws From Kasai Pro 3 Match With AJ Agazarm Due To Injury

Photo Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Quintet II champion and 10th Planet star Geovanny Martinez has reportedly withdrawn from Kasai Pro 3 due to an injury sustained in a no-gi match in Japan, according to FloGrappling.

Martinez was slated to compete against AJ Agazarm following some intense back-and-forth social media sparring between the two, which culminated in Agazarm challenging Martinez to a match under an agreement that Martinez would leave the 10th Planet Affiliation if he lost. Martinez accepted, and the match was confirmed for the next Kasai Pro event.

Kasai Pro released the following statement from Martinez:

“I regret to announce that I won’t be able to compete at KASAI Pro 3 against AJ due to a recent injury I acquired competing in Japan. Luckily my injury is not too bad, just a small fracture near my elbow, so I can heal quickly and be back 100% to bring everyone the fight you’re looking for. At this moment, however, I need some time off the mats to fully recover.

My coaches and I have made the decision to move the match to a future date, because as a regular competitor, I wouldn’t want to go into any match with this kind of injury and misrepresent myself, as well as risk making the injury worse. I apologize to KASAI and to all the fans and haters that were anticipating this match, but I promise it’s going down and we won’t disappoint.

Trust me, I want to smash AJ more than you guys want to watch me do it. This will just give AJ more time to run his mouth, so let him do it because his time is running out. None of his shit talking will matter once we step on the mats. Freaks don’t sleep.”

The organization has yet to find a replacement opponent for Agazarm; the Jiu-Jitsu Times will provide updates as they become available.


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