Gianni Grippo To Join Gordon Ryan and Kaynan Duarte In Ultra Heavyweight Division At Pans

Gianni Grippo is the latest jiu-jitsu athlete to move up to the ultra heavyweight division for this year’s IBJJF No-Gi Pans championship. Grippo, who normally competes in the featherweight division, was revealed to have signed up for this year’s IBJJF Pans event just days after it was discovered that Kaynan Duarte had moved up two weight classes (from heavyweight to ultra heavyweight) in order to face Ryan. Last year, Grippo won gold at No-Gi Pans. Just weeks ago, he lost a ref’s decision to EBI 15 champion John Calestine at Kasai Pro 3.

With three high-profile athletes now in the running for gold in the ultra heavyweight division, it calls to question if any other jiu-jitsu stars will step up to test themselves in this surprising no-weight-limit category.


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