Gilbert Burns Defeats Demian Maia In Round 1 At UFC Fight Night 170

The highly anticipated UFC Fight Night 170 bout between grappling specialists Demian Maia and Gilbert Burns has finally happened. The action lived up to the hype, but the fight finished faster than many fans expected it would.

The fighters started out on their feet before Maia shot for a takedown and brought Burns to the ground. Burns wrestled his way back to his feet, but Maia got him against the cage and down to a knee. Maia overhooked a knee and worked to take Burns’ back, working for the choke as the two went to the mat. Burns was able to escape Maia’s hold and return to the feet. He landed a solid hook to Maia’s head and prematurely celebrated his victory before realizing that the ref hadn’t called the fight, so he jumped atop Maia and began striking him again, at which point the ref called an end to the fight before round one had even finished.

The win marks ten of Burns’ eighteen victories that he’s earned in the first round.


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