Gordon & Nicky Ryan’s Father “Big Gord” Has Passed Away


Gordon Ryan has shared the sad news that his father, Gordon Ryan Sr., has passed away.

“Big Gord died last night, and so did a part of me. He wasnt perfect, but he was the best dad and best friend i could ever ask for. When he went to bed last night, before he said he loved me, he said “i dont know what to do, i dont feel good, need a fucking blow job”. Long live Big Gord ♥️”

A cause of death was not immediately revealed, and the Jiu-Jitsu Times has refrained from asking out of respect for the family.

“Big Gord,” as he was affectionately known to Gordon and Nicky’s fans, has been a loving and enthusiastic supporter of his sons’ careers. He lived with Gordon in his home on the East Coast, and Gordon bought him a car earlier this year.

When John Danaher’s students began moving to Puerto Rico, “Big Gord” joined his sons, recently partaking in a waterfall hike.

“Huge thank you to @fer_mma100x35 and @luicolazo for showing us this amazing waterfall today, and more importantly, helping us take big gord along for the ride, that is priceless to me, just getting to spend these moments with him while i still can. Puerto Rico may be the best place on earth, just maybe. Nothing like a hiking trip after training and before lifting with the family, nothing like seeing @nickyryanbjj slip and fall on wet rocks, and nothing in the world like seeing a smile on @heysonnyy2 face.”

The Jiu-Jitsu Times extends our deepest condolences to the Ryan family.


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