Gordon Ryan Announces Move To Puerto Rico

After months of expressing dissatisfaction about living on the East Coast, 2019 ADCC double gold medalist Gordon Ryan has announced he’s moved to Puerto Rico.

The news was first reported by Attack the Back, but Ryan himself only confirmed it earlier today.

In a social media post, Ryan shared that he first got the idea to make the move when he visited the U.S. territory for a mini-camp with head ADCC organizer Mo Jassim. Now that he’s officially relocated, Ryan says that he’ll be opening up a gym and affiliate program and will be announcing camps.

I MOVED TO PUERTO RICO?. A few months ago i traveled here with the team for a mini camp with @mojassim80. After being here for a week, it was one of the very few places that ive ever felt sad to leave. Usually when i travel, i can’t wait to get back home and continue training (despite my distain for nj/nyc). In PR, i was genuinely depressed when leaving, and the only 2 places that have made me feel this way were certain parts of TX and certain parts of FL. The second we landed in Newark and got off the plane, i looked at @heysonnyy2 and said “we are moving to PR”. I expressed to Mo and Ali that i wanted to make a move. Mo said ok and helped me set up the logistics. A few months later and here we are. A completely stress free paradise where all i need to focus on is training. Covid restrictions in nyc basically cut my training time in half and i already wasnt able to make my own schedule. Here in PR i will be able to make my own training schedule and do what i want, at least until covid restrictions are over on the mainland. A gym and affiliate program will be opened soon (more details to come), and camps will be run here from PR. Im looking forward to giving you all more info as we go along and also very excited to meet my puerto rican friends and fans”

Yesterday, Ryan shared an emotional post expressing gratitude to the coaches and teammates that helped him reach BJJ star status during his time in New Jersey and New York.


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