Gordon Ryan: Not Competing In IBJJF Open To Avoid ‘4-Inch Gash’ On Face From Mahamed Aly

Photo/Facebook: Gordon Ryan

The BJJ community was thrilled (and a little surprised) to see Gordon Ryan’s name on the competitor list for the IBJJF Washington DC Open next weekend. However, almost immediately after the news hit, he posted that he would not be competing at the event.

Ryan has since released more insight into his sudden registration and subsequent post. He explains, “I just registered for my division without checking who was in it… rookie mistake.” He goes on to say that he won’t be competing because he doesn’t want to drive that far for possibly only 1 match in his division. The most notable reason he explains is “because Mahamed Aly has like the most explosive game in the entire sport and the last thing I want to happen is to have him try to jump past my guard and put a 4 inch gash on my face 2 weeks before I fight Magalhaes and actually get paid to do it.”

In order to listen to his message, go to his Instagram account and click on his profile picture.


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