Gordon Ryan Submits All Opponents For Double PanAm Gold, Wants You To Know He Hit 2 Takedowns

Max Dos Santos Gimenis and Gordon Ryan showed down in the 2018 IBJJF No-Gi PanAms finals in New York City on September 15th. Ryan ultimately took the ultra-heavyweight win by rear-naked choke.

Ryan fights out of Renzo Gracie Academy, with Gimenis representing Grappling Fight Team. Despite being a dominant sub-only fighter, Ryan was up 4 points when he got that tap. This competition recap comes from @gordonlovesjiujitsu himself:

Instagram @gordonlovesjiujitsu

“AM I GOOD YET?” Ryan asked shortly thereafter in an Insta-story, while flashing his newest gold medal.

Ryan then went on to win the absolute division to earn double-gold: an accomplishment celebrated by fellow DDS member Garry Tonon:

Ryan also promoted his wins on his own social media pages, thanking his supporters and coaches who he credits with helping him win all of his matches via submission.


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