Gordon Ryan Ups His Offer By 40K, Now Willing To Put Up 100K For Dillon’s 20K

Gordon Ryan wants a match with Dillon Danis, and he wants it bad . . . real bad!

The Danaher Death Squad prodigy and Garry Tonon black belt is now willing to put up $100,000 for Danis’ $20,000 if he agrees to a match.

I don’t think Dillon will ever compete against me unless it’s in an open tournament where he has compete against me to win. Which is fine. I’ll put up one hundred thousand dollars to Dillon’s twenty thousand dollars. If he wants the match. But he doesn’t want the match so I’m going to continue trolling him.


And trolling him Gordon will . . . that is, unless Dillon accepts the match or admits he is a afraid.

You can watch the entire video at FloGrappling.


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