Gordon Ryan Vs. Rodolfo Vieira Announced As Main Event Of 3rd Coast Grappling III

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we finally have our main event for the highly anticipated third installment of 3rd Coast Grappling, and to say the least, it doesn’t disappoint.

3CG promotor Ryan McGuire has confirmed that Gordon Ryan will be facing off against Rodolfo Vieira in the highly anticipated December event. The fight is well matched — both competitors are ADCC champions, with Ryan winning in 2017 and Vieira winning at the previous event in 2015.

While the Gordon Ryan hype is real right now, especially with him showing such a dominant performance at Kinektic on short notice following months off due to injury, fans should be just as excited to see what Vieira will do on the mats. The multiple-time World Champion isn’t competing as often as he used to, but when he shows up, he shows up. After multiple years away from the competition scene, he turned up to the Black Belt CBD Invitational in 2018 and came away with the $30,000 grand prize. We haven’t seen him in action since then, and if his comeback is anything like his last one, we can expect fireworks between him and Ryan.

This match will be mostly the same as other 3CG matches, save for the fact that it will be ten minutes instead of the usual seven. However, McGuire has implemented a few rule changes that will impact all of the 3CG III matches, including updated overtime rules and a change that will allow points to have more of an impact on the matches.

McGuire says that he hopes that this match helps to “make up” for the postponement of the Gordon Ryan vs. Felipe Pena match that had originally been announced for 3CG III. The match was removed from the card due to a contract dispute between 3CG and FloGrappling, but McGuire is adamant that it will happen in the future once the dispute is settled.

With the 3rd Coast Grappling qualifiers happening next month, jiu-jitsu and 3CG fans have a lot to look forward to during the rest of this year. Details on how to watch the December 7 event and the rest of the lineup will be released in the near future, and the Jiu-Jitsu Times will provide updates as we receive them.

Third Coast Grappling Championship Rules

For both gi and no-gi matches, IBJJF rules (https://ibjjf.com/) will be implemented with the following derivations:

 Weight Regulations

  1. Weight classes are based on the contracted agreement. Fighters are required to make weight within an hour of their first attempt.
  2. Fighters who miss weight will lose 50% of their prize money
  3. The promotion has full discretion to cancel any bout for extreme discrepancies in weight

 Fight Regulations

  1. ALL matches are 7-minutes unless otherwise negotiated
  2. The first fighter to either score 11 points or earn a submission wins
  3. Advantages are NOT used for scoring points
  4. To prevent stalling, a yellow card will be issued to either or both competitors.
    • If a second yellow card is issued, fighters are required to stand up and restart.
    • A third stalling violation results in a red card, requiring the competitor to forfeit 20% of their prize money
  5. In the event that there is not a winner after regulation time, overtime rules take effect:
    • Overtime is a sudden death format. The first competitor to score points or submit their opponent within five minutes wins.
    • Overtime is decided by whoever is up on points at the end of regulation. Whoever is ahead will choose top/bottom FULL GUARD or start on the feet
    • If no points scored, the referee will decide who was the aggressor and award them the opportunity to pick or defer to the other competitor. 
    • If no Submission or Points scored in 5 minutes…referees will render a decision based on aggression, going for the finish, and legitimate submission attempts. Fighting to win…not to lose. 
    • For no-gi, heel-hooks are permitted for fighters that are brown belts and higher unless otherwise negotiated.


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