Gracie Barra Black Belt Issues ‘Apology’ For Attacking White Belt At IBJJF Austin Open

After the conclusion of IBJJF Austin Open, video emerged of Ulpiano Malachias rushing through a barricade and throwing a chair at white belt who had just won a match. While the video appears to be pretty straightforward, as it was recorded from multiple angles, Malachias claims that there was bad blood leading up to the tournament, and his actions were instigated by the “disrespectful” white belt.

Here is Malachias’ open apology:

First, I would to like to apologize to the IBJJF which I’ve been a member of for over 20 years, longer than most people who even attended the Austin open this year. I never have had one misconduct at any tournament. Second to my team Gracie Barra and my students because as a professor I should hold the standards of my team and my colleagues higher. Besides the fact that I’m a black belt professor and need to lead by example I am a man and father and when someone (especially a white belt at a tournament) calls me a MOFO multiple times and flip me off it’s hard to not react on the moment. The video that was posted doesn’t show everything and was majorly edited to make me look like i was not instigated and i just went crazy for no reason or because the loss of the match. When in reality, my reaction had nothing to do with the result of the match. The kid was talking trash leading up to the tournament and during the tournament and then after the match while he was inside the ring he stood up looked for me, flipped me off and called me a ‘Mofo’. So the disrespect was be mutual and started with him. Doesn’t make what i did ‘right’ but every story has 2 sides and what was post on social media only show his side. As most people know that every time that team have a chance to play the victim they will do it. I hope his professor teaches his students how to respect black belts and their sport one day.


  1. This is so dumb because our white belt literally had no clue who the hell Ulpiano even was. He was not talking trash. He flexed and pointed at our teammate Sam who was recording.

  2. Your ‘white belt’ whose been a white belt and conpetimg for 4+ years.

    Oh yeah, sanbagging and Pablo Silva Jiu Jitsu. I’m not surprised.

  3. Not part of either gyms, but regardless of what Jim says, Malachias is the one with the black belt and only his own actions can be credited with making him look like a douche in public.

  4. How is this an apology? An apology states how one erred and how they plan to rectify their course so they do not err again in the future in the same manner. This is like a small child forced to apologize and pointing the finger at everyone else who was involved in their day as part of the reason why they had a bad day.

  5. I was at the tournament in Austin. I’m Gracie Barra Brown belt and the action of the black belt do not speak for the rest of us. I observed both sides acting disgracefully. The coach should have known better and the athlete should have a better athlete , more over she shouldn’t have been sand bagging; just saying. I would recommend thst both sides make a public apology and take sometime to rediscover what A martial Arts is. Jiujitsu isn’t a sport it’s a Martial Arts.


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