Gracie Breakdown: NYC Cop Kicked Onto Subway Tracks

A video of a New York City police officer being kicked onto train tracks by a pinned suspect went viral earlier this week. As with similar situations in the past, Gracie brothers Rener and Ryron have taken the time to analyze the situation from a ground fighting context.

The suspect was handcuffed belly down on the ground and had two officers pinning him. One officer kneeled on his neck controlling his upper torso, while the other attempted to pin his legs. The suspect used his hips to flail repeatedly away from the second officer, keeping her at a distance. As she went in to try again, the man kicked her in the stomach and sent her tumbling over the edge and onto the tracks behind her. While the footage ends there, Rener remarks that the officer is fine by all accounts.

The nearly half hour video explains how the officer failed to secure the suspect’s hips rather than his legs, enabling him to move freely and lash out. They then offer a better solution, bending the legs into the body and then going for the hips once distance is closed.

The scores of videos similar to this continue to prove how necessary ground fighting training is to people in the law enforcement profession. Proper positioning and understanding of the body allow almost anyone to better control a resisting opponent with less effort. That being said, it’s a brutally tough job as it is and these officers should not be blamed for an inefficient curriculum.

At the end of the video, Rener and Ryron offer to tour on a GST defense seminar for the NYPD Combatives instructors free of charge.


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