Gracie Survival Tactics Becomes First Jiu-Jitsu Curriculum Recognized In California As Approved For Law Enforcement

Through the efforts of years of curriculum development, police training seminars, breakdowns, legislation, and lobbying, the Gracie University has become the first jiu-jitsu curriculum in California to be certified by POST, the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. This is a monumental achievement as it gives the backing of the State of California as a formal endorser of the program. This means that any officer who receives training from the program now has the endorsement of the State of California.

Crime has been on the rise and with the public demanding for many police departments to be defunded, reform was needed. Previously the JJT reported that Rener Gracie had formalized a proposition to take to police departments and help overhaul out of date and lackluster training protocols currently in place. It appears that certain administrative officials at the top of the food chain had listened. The Gracie family had tried for nearly two decades to receive this certification to no avail, as the requirements are notoriously stringent and require extensive oversight and vetting.

Anyone reading this ought to agree that the world is a safer place if all officers knew at least some jiu-jitsu as opposed to the current situation where many are overly reliant on their weapons. Consider this a step in the right direction towards helping officers receive the training they need and in turn making our society feel more protected.


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