GrappleFest 11 Results: Dante Leon Scores Lighting-Fast Armbar, Kendall Reusing Wins Open Weight Title

GrappleFest 11 brought the action during their Daisy Fresh vs. Europe event, showcasing some of jiu-jitsu’s best talent with high-intensity matches. As the night came to a close, Kendall Reusing and Ffion Davies faced off in a hard-fought match to see who would claim the open weight title, followed by a quick main event between Dante Leon and Mateusz Szczecinski.

Co-Main Event

Kendall Reusing vs. Ffion Davies

Davies pulled guard and latched onto Reusing’s legs. Reusing latched onto a toehold, and Davies responded with an attempt of her own before Reusing abandoned the submission. Davies got to her feet and lifted Reusing’s leg high, nearly pushing the match into the crowd before it was returned to the mats. Davies returned to playing guard, and Reusing applied heavy pressure as she worked to pass. Davies attached herself to a leg once again, briefly going belly-down before Reusing managed to escape and returned to her guard-passing attempts.

With five minutes down and ten to go, Davies continued to try to control and elevate Reusing from the bottom. Reusing, however, was relentless with her pressure. Reusing then sat back and tried to work for a leg lock, and Davies seized the opportunity to come on top and work for a pass of her own. After getting past Reusing’s legs, Davies tried to isolate an arm, but Reusing was ready for it and defended to reclaim the top position. Davies positioned herself in single-leg x to isolate Reusing’s leg, and Reusing again went for a toehold that Davies defended.

Five more minutes remained, and Reusing resumed her guard passing attempts against Davies. Davies briefly trapped Reusing in closed guard and then switched to k-guard. Reusing broke free and went for another toehold. Davies defended again and got up to her knees for a moment. Reusing capitalized by slapping on a head-arm choke. Again, Davies defended and returned to working from guard as the clock wound down from the two-minute mark. With just over a minute and a half to go, Reusing locked on a d’arce. Davies’ defense held strong even as Reusing released and reapplied the choke. Reusing transitioned to mount in the last few seconds of the match, and Davies managed to hang on without tapping until the bell.

Kendall Reusing was declared the winner of the match by unanimous decision and claimed the open weight championship title.

Main Event

Dante Leon vs. Mateusz Szczecinski 

Szczecinski immediately sat guard and tried to isolate a leg, leading to a scramble that nearly put the competitors into the crowd. After they were returned to the center, Szczecinski resumed playing guard, but it was mere seconds before Leon managed a quick and successful pass. He quickly transitioned to an armbar and finished the submission in the blink of an eye at two minutes and ten seconds into the match, claiming victory and the -80 kg championship title.

GrappleFest 11 Full Results:

Main Card:

Dante Leon def. Mateusz Szczecinski via armbar

Kendall Reusing def. Ffion Davies via decision

Mikey Musemeci def. Kev Corkhill via footlock

John Hansen def. Jamie Hughes via RNC

Jacob Couch def. Santeri Lilius via decision

Matty Holmes def. Brad Schneider via decision

Jack Tyley def. Jorge Valladares via decision

Owen Livesey def. Paul Lukowski via decision

Tommy Yip def. Chris Hayes via RNC

Nadine Tavares def. Simone Caffrey via decision

James Duckett def. Des Parker via decision

Harry McKnight def. Reece Doran via heel hook

Jay Butler def. Ciaran Brohan via heel hook

Rosa Walsh def. Marina Mavrou via armbar

Jeremy Pare def. Shane Curtis


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