Grappling Industries Suffers Theft Of A Trailer Full Of Gear

International tournament circuit Grappling Industries has been put into an unfortunate situation with a trailer full of their gear being stolen in Kansas City.  Grappling Industries has captured the hearts and minds of the jiu-jitsu community by putting together amazing super fights and running superb round robin tournaments in which competitors are able to get a whole lot of bang for their buck.

Tournament founder David Aguzzi had this to say about the situation:

Someone stole my east coast USA Grappling Industries 20 foot silver trailer with Florida Plates: 0694VP which contained our entire production last Wednesday night.

The thief took items out of the trailer wherever he brought it to and unloaded them into a stolen F250 which the cops would recover wrecked into a telephone pole. The cops were able to recover our P/A system, speakers, screens, and laptops in the wreck.

Our SILVER trailer, 12 rings of ORANGE and BLACK Grappling Industries roll out mats, barricades, and many other smaller items ARE STILL MISSING!!!

It was stolen at 68’s Inside Sports in Overland Park, Kansas and the stolen and now wrecked into a pole F250 containing some of our items was found approximately 30 miles away in Independence, Missouri, also making this now a federal crime. If you have any information, PLEASE INFORM THE POLICE DEPARTMENT! The trailer has been added to the national stolen database.

I am out $45,000 USD and to make it worse I will now need to cancel my events in SLC, OKC, and Sacramento…The thief didn’t just steal from me, he stole from my team’s livelihood, and that stings. It hurts my feelings so fucking much…

His actions now hurt a thriving and growing medium business which was in the process of expanding and hiring, damn it.

Although the police believe they might EVENTUALLY find some more of my stuff, I have already started talks with SAMA Mats in starting to rebuild my 2nd U.S production because I can’t just curl up and cry I will rebuild for this show MUST GO ON. I have to carry on with my life even if things will be hard for a while for I can’t let some piece of shit steal my dreams from me! I believe in BJJ so much and I 100% believe in Grappling Industries’ place in the martial art will be solidified one day.

JW Wright from FUJI BJJ has been AMAZING to us in hooking us up in San Antonio this past weekend and Milwaukee on Oct 21 with productions to fulfill our tournaments there. We are so grateful of him and his company, and anytime they ever need to call on us I only hope I can be as much of a help as they were for us during this really low time for us.


THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO SAY THIS!Someone stole my east coast USA Grappling Industries 20 foot silver trailer with…

Posted by David Aguzzi on Monday, October 9, 2017

If you have any information that could lead to the stolen gear please contact David or his colleagues via social media.  Or at   

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