Gunnar Nelson Discusses Another Potential ADCC Run on Craig Jones’ Podcast

UFC welterweight star Gunnar Nelson, perhaps best known for his mid-2000s dominance on the emerging global jiu-jitsu scene, recently teased the possibility of taking another shot at ADCC, where he narrowly missed the podium in 2009. The MMA fan favorite made an appearance on this week’s episode of Craig Jones’ podcast El Segundo, where Nelson chatted with the B-Team leader about his history with the so-called Olympics of submission grappling.

“It was a good experience, and I really enjoyed it,” Nelson told Jones. “It’s something I’d like to maybe do again, ADCC.”

Nelson’s backstory regarding the tournament is a storied one. He reportedly earned an invitation to his first ADCC run back in 2009, thanks to the efforts of one Renzo Gracie, who would also eventually give Nelson his black belt. The UFC fighter considers himself “lucky” to have received an invitation to ADCC 2009 at all, and credits Renzo with the opportunity.

“I thought it was the most fun jiu-jitsu competition I’ve done,” added Nelson.

Listen to the full episode on Apple, Spotify, or YouTube.


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