Gustavo Batista Defeats Roberto Jimenez To Win 3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite & $10,000

An exciting evening of BJJ in Texas at 3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite finished off with a nail-biting match between Gustavo Batista and Roberto Jimenez.

Jimenez immediately powered into Batista, but the two stumbled out of bounds. Jimenez pulled guard once they were reset, and later worked for a triangle from the closed guard while Batista was standing. Jimenez managed to keep Batista at bay from the guard, but with about two minutes left in regulation, Batista managed to get past Jimenez’s legs to get to mount, scoring seven points. Batista started to work for a head-arm choke, but Jimenez defended and managed to get out of danger. For a moment, it looked like Jimenez might land a kneebar on Batista, but Batista stayed out of trouble until regulation ended.

Overtime began with Batista in Jimenez’s closed guard. However, as Jimenez tried to elevate and control Batista’s position, Batista managed to get past the legs and pass the guard, winning the match, the tournament, and the $10,000 prize.

The next event from the promotion will be 3CG: Kumite II, which was announced days ago.

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