Guy Tries To Intimidate MMA Fighter And BJJ Black Belt Enson Inoue, Instantly Regrets It

If you´re going to act tough on the road, make sure you are tough.

That´s a lesson some guy learned the hard way when he tried to intimidate BJJ black belt and former MMA fighter Enson Inoue.

According to Inoue, the guy blasted his horn at him and then followed the black belt to his house. The man then parked his car down the street, got out of his car, and began walking to Enson´s house.

However, when Inoue started walking towards him, he seemed to regret his tough guy act.

¨He then began to apologize as I asked him what he was planning to do by coming here,¨ Inoue said on Facebook. ¨He’s the type of guy that would scare and scream at someone weaker. Today, he picked the wrong car.

¨I could see he was scared shitless and regretted his choice so I decided to accept his apology and let him go home. Hope he thinks twice before behaving the way he did again.¨

Hopefully he will.

You can read Enson Inoue´s full Facebook post below:


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