The Cringe Train has pulled into the station for the last time.

Henry “Tripple C” Cejudo became the first man to TKO Dominick Cruz to defend his bantamweight title at UFC 249. The champ capitalized on a perfect knee in the second round to finish the legendary bantamweight. Following his win, Cejudo announced his official retirement from the sport of MMA.

“You guys don’t have to hear me anymore!” Cejudo said in his post fight.

The bout looked to be contested but slightly controlled by the champ. Cejudo fired off continuous leg kicks to hobble Cruz the whole fight, while the Dominator began to pick up the pace with combos and rights in the second round. Though a massive right knee as Cruz went to level change sent the former champ down, and the King of Cringe started right into top strikes. The fight was called as Cruz was stating to rise to his feet.

Citing his competitive career spanning his entire adult life, Cejudo stated that he felt that he’d accomplished what he had to. Thanking his coaches, fans and UFC president Dana White, the champ left the octagon for possibly the last time.

While understanding and uninterested in making excuses, Cruz nevertheless stated disappointment in the stoppage. “If I’m standing, I think you should let me stand,” Cruz said


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