High Rollerz Announces Upcoming “Cops vs. Stonerz” Event

Photo: HIGH ROLLERZ / Adopt A Cop BJJ

Cannabis-friendly BJJ promotion High Rollerz has announced an upcoming event that will see police officers competing against, well, stoners.

The promotion, which hosted its most recent event on 4/20 of this year, will host the “Cops vs. Stonerz” event on September 18 of this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. They announced the event in a social media post, adding that they’ve partnered with the Adopt-a-Cop program for the occasion.


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“We want to to celebrate the end of cannabis prohibition while promoting awareness for Jiu Jitsu as a non-lethal alternative that all police should know but also have the assistance to learn!

We’ve partnered with @adoptacopbjj to bring you this event, which will feature active, sober police in matches against some of High Rollerz usual competitors. Cop vs Stoner. Sober vs Stoned. We cannot wait for this event!

Go follow @adoptacopbjj – they are an awesome organization that helps police officers looking to learn Jiu Jitsu by paying their academy fees until they earn their blue belt. Since police academies don’t teach Jiu Jitsu, this is up to the officer themselves to find the time and money to her enhance their and everyone else’s safety. We love this cause and we implore those who agree to donate as well ✅”

High Rollerz has been making a name for itself since its inception due to not only its production quality and athletes, but also for its unconventional nature. Athletes are sponsored by cannabis companies, and champions receive a large bag of weed as part of their prize. The promotion has also had some big names on the card — earlier this year, High Rollerz 4 saw Jake Shields take on (and defeat) former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez in the main event.


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