IBJJF Announces Suspension of Ralph Gracie After Worlds Assault

Image Source: Ralph Gracie via Instagram

In the wake of video evidence of Ralph Gracie and Flavio Almeida’s off-the-mats fight at the 2018 Worlds No-Gi Championship at the Anaheim Convention Center last weekend, the IBJJF has released a statement. While it doesn’t specifically name Gracie–the aggressor in the personal quarrel turned violent–it seems to clearly state the black belt and BJJ legend is suspended indefinitely from all federation events.

Here’s the full statement:

Traditionally, IBJJF policy mandates that any disciplinary actions are dealt with internally between the Federation and the affected parties. Likewise, any sanctions that ultimately may be imposed are not publicly announced by the Federation. However, given the nature of the alleged incident at the 2018 World No-Gi Championships, the Federation is compelled to take immediate action as follows:

The alleged perpetrators have been immediately and indefinitely suspended from any and all IBJJF sanctioned events. Said suspension includes attending, competing, coaching or in any way participating in IBJJF events. Once our investigation has been completed and a final decision reached, we will update you accordingly. In the meantime, we assure you that the alleged conduct will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

In case you missed it, details of the altercation are here.

Gracie’s legal counsel released this statement alleging the fight was “mutual combat” earlier this week.


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