IBJJF Manila Open The Biggest BJJ Tournament In The Philippines

IBJJF Manila

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu continues to rise in popularity across Asia including the Philippines. In fact, the IBJJF Manila International Open was just recently to give the locals a chance to showcase their skills. The event was hosted by the SM Mall of Asia and was open to the public. Athlete registration started months ago and the capacity was quickly filled up. The registration deadline was on the 28th of April, 2017. The brackets were released on May 5th. All athletes had to declare their affiliation for the current year. The academies must be registered as well.

There were multiple age and belt divisions to make sure that all interested parties could compete on equal footing. For the men, there’s juvenile, adult, and masters 1 to 6. For the women, there’s juvenile, adult, and master 1. Everyone from white to black belts can fight in their respective class. Note that athletes who have a black belt in judo, has proven experience in wrestling, or has an MMA record cannot compete as a white belt in any league. The athletes who eventually make their way into the podium by finishing first, second or third may register for the open class bracket.

Before the tournament, an IBJJF Manila rules seminar was held on May 5th at Makati Le Domaine in KMA Fitness and Martial Arts. This prepared everyone for the grueling competition ahead. It was a whole-day event that started in the morning with the GI competitions. Open class registration began around noontime. By 1pm, the various open class divisions saw their first matches. The NO GI competitions began later in the afternoon with fierce duels among the athletes. The rest of the evening was dedicated to the open class NO GI matches. The spectators sure enjoyed the action as the fighters gave their all to advance and represent their academy with pride.

IBJJF Manila International Open 2017 HL

Here's the HL of the first IBJJF Manila International Open! Share and tag your friends! Watch in HD.OSS!

Posted by Manila Kimonos on Monday, May 8, 2017


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