IBJJF: No More No-Gi Competitions For Kids?

If you have a kid who loves no-gi competition, you had better not sign her up for an IBJJF competition.

According to a recent Facebook post from the Australian Federation Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Western Australia, the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation will not be hosting any more no-gi competitions for juniors.

To wit:

Dear Instructors and athletes,

Please read the important note regarding Kids No Gi Events.

In line with the accepted International governing body, the IBJJF, the AFBJJ wishes to follow and not allow No Gi categories for Juniors.

The IBJJF believes and the AFBJJ agrees that No Gi at Junior levels is a poor foundation for Jiu Jitsu.

Further after consultation with peak insurance bodies, it was established that liability may be evident in Junior No Gi categories, as the International body does not promote them.

The AFBJJ wishes to fall in line with the IBJJF and not offer nor support No Gi categories for Juniors.

It can be noted that Juvenile categories (they are those for athletes that turn either 16 or 17 in the said competition year) are allowed.

We trust that you understand that this is in the best interests of the children’s development and safety.

Have a fantastic day.



  1. BS! You can learn both. We have the first generation of MMA fighters who were brought up with both types of grappling and they have pushed the sport to a higher level.
    Well I guess there will be more money and entries for the other organizations. Good for them. BTW, IBJJF, you better lower your entry fees.

  2. The beginning of the end of the biggest organization, already buggered up with more rules than any other organization. Don’t let your insurance company run your organization, find a different insurance company. That’s the only story here the rest is made up crap. If I was NAGA I’d be pissed you showed my name in your photo instead of the organization that’s doing it. It’s the right thing to do to show the organization that’s doing it, not one of the ones that isn’t furthermore it’s easy. I don’t want to say fake news but it’s inaccurate in a couple of major ways.


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