International BJJ Fighters Flock To Marianas Open For A $10K Fight

Many fighters are flocking to fight in the Marianas Open that will take place at the Father Duenas Phoenix Center. The event will be held in Guam and many of the fighters have not been to the island before. The main event begins at 11 a.m. The winners of the lightweight and heavyweight divisions will fight and determine who claims $10,000 and a championship belt. The winner will also be given a piece of Guam culture in the form of a handmade necklace. Expectations are high and people are planning on seeing good jiujitsu.

Contestants have stated that they’re ready to put on a big show at the event. Black belt Felipe Pena will be returning with this being his second time in Guam. Pena will have his first heavyweight fight against Jacob Guerrero. Another fighter will be returning to Guam, brown belt Nick Calvanese. Calvanese mentioned in a public statement that he enjoys seeing the military history of the island simply driving around.

Other natives of Guam will be battling it out for the $10,000 prize including Mike Sanchez, Eric Sian, Joshua Jerome, Jacob Guerrero, and Bryant Pangelinan. Guerrero is looking forward to the opportunity of getting on the mat with other international fighters. The master’s division super fight will occur between Makoto Aramaki and Jared Weiner. The winnings from the fight will go to support the battle against brain cancer. More specifically, the proceeds go to Teiya Camille Van Meter. There will also be kids division and women’s division fights that Sunday. The battle is on to see who will win the 10k prize at Marianas Open.


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