IRS Goes After Royce Gracie For Fraud Totaling $1.15 Million

Perhaps you have seen the recent headlines, news from The feds have a bone to pick with the UFC Hall of Famer who is slated to come out of a nine year retirement.


Royce’s tax issues seem to date back to 2012, when both he and his wife received a serious summons from the Internal Revenue Service demanding more information on the couple’s foreign investments, to include a pretty hefty overseas bank account.

According to documentation, the couple failed to produce the aforementioned tax documents, and decided not to show before the IRS as scheduled during this past New Year’s Eve.


The summons also states that officials determined during 2007 through 2011 the couple wired more than three million dollars to their foreign bank accounts. The Gracies then used these funds pay for high end renovations to vacation properties the payment of credit card debt.

You know the old saying: only two things in life are certain–death and taxes.


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