Jake Paul Sends $100,000 “Sleepy McGregor” Necklace To Dustin Poirier, Who Will Auction It Off For Charity


Let’s be real: half the entertainment stemming from the Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor triology fight came not from the fight itself, but from the trash-talk and trolling that took place before the fight.

Poirier and McGregor weren’t the only two people involved in the pre-fight beef, either — YouTube-star-turned-boxer Jake Paul got a few verbal jabs in on McGregor before the fight, but he took things to the next level when he had a very expensive necklace made to commemorate the second time McGregor and Poirier faced off.


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Yes, the “Sleepy McGregor” chain, complete with a tiny bottle of Nyquil, actually cost $100k. Paul wore the accessory at UFC 264, where he watched in person as Poirier took home another win against the Irish fighter when McGregor broke his leg at the end of the first round. Now, it appears that the chain is going to end up in Poirier’s hands as a congratulatory gesture from Paul.

“Dear Dustin … Congrats on your much earned victory. I love what you are doing with your Good Fight Foundation! You deserve this chain more than me! Good always defeats evil! Keep winning! -Love Jake. P.S. Tell Jolie I said hi — She’s a badass!”

It doesn’t look like Poirier will be looking to make a fashion statement with his gift, though — his manager told MMA Fighting that he’ll be auctioning it off to charity instead.

Given the chain’s original cost, plus the story behind it, it’s likely to fetch a hefty price. Poirier is already auctioning off his gear from the fight, and it’s currently sitting at over $28,000 with four days left. Poirier’s charity, The Good Fight Foundation, is currently using funds to build homes in Uganda.


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