Jessica Andrade Dominates Mackenzie Dern in UFC 295 Showdown

The highly anticipated women’s strawweight bout between Mackenzie Dern and Jessica Andrade at UFC 295 unfolded thrillingly at Madison Square Garden, culminating in a decisive TKO victory for Andrade in the second round.

The opening round saw Mackenzie Dern initiating the action with a low kick, prompting Jessica Andrade to respond with a relentless flurry of strikes. Dern capitalized on the opportunity, executing a trip takedown, but Andrade quickly recovered to her feet. A standing guillotine choke attempt by Dern was thwarted by Andrade’s escape, setting the tone for an intense exchange.

As the former champion, Andrade, increased the pressure, Dern showcased her striking skills with a well-timed right hand. The back-and-forth continued with both fighters exchanging low kicks and jabs. However, Dern found herself vulnerable to a counter punch that dropped her momentarily. Undeterred, she swiftly recovered, displaying resilience with a jab of her own.

The momentum shifted as Andrade unleashed a powerful shot, sending Dern to the canvas. Although the former champion attempted to capitalize with ground and pound, the round concluded, saving Dern from further damage.

The second round commenced with Dern displaying a commendable 1-2 combination, but Andrade countered with punishing low kicks. Despite Dern’s attempt at a takedown, she found herself on the receiving end of a formidable combination from Andrade. Dern, undaunted, retaliated with a flurry of punches, connecting with some, but Andrade’s counter left hand proved devastating, causing Dern to stagger.

Struggling to recover, Dern faced a relentless onslaught from Andrade, who closed in with a barrage of strikes. Dern, valiantly attempting to keep Andrade at bay with a jab, succumbed to another counter, resulting in her second knockdown. A final combination sealed the deal, as Dern went down for the third and final time, prompting the referee to call an end to the bout.

The official result was a TKO victory for Jessica Andrade at 3:15 of the second round, solidifying her dominance in the women’s strawweight division.

Looking ahead, the question arises: Who should be Andrade’s next opponent following her impressive victory over Dern? With her powerful striking and tenacity, Andrade could find herself in a compelling matchup against other top contenders in the division, setting the stage for more electrifying performances in the UFC women’s strawweight landscape. As the MMA community eagerly awaits the announcement, one can only anticipate the exciting challenges that lie ahead for the formidable Jessica Andrade.


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