RESULTS: Joao Miyao Defeats Ary Farias For 60-kg Title At ACB JJ 14

The first title match of the night at ACB JJ 14 was a tough battle between 60-kg competitors Joao Miyao and Ary Farias.

Farias started the match off with a takedown, giving him two points. He then struggled to pass Miyao’s guard, attempting and failing to secure a foot lock. Miyao then swept Farias to tie the match 2-2.

The second round began with a sweep from Miyao, which was followed almost immediately by Farias and thenĀ another sweep from Miyao to make the score 4-2. Miyao then worked to pass his opponent’s guard, but the clock ran out before he could secure the points.

Miyao pulled guard in the third round after defending a few takedown attempts from Farias, then earned two points for a sweep. Farias then tied the score with a sweep of his own, and although Miyao came close to getting another sweep, the two rolled out of bounds before points were scored. At the end of the round, Farias also came close to getting a sweep, but was denied points after rolling out of bounds.

In the fourth round, Farias once again attempted a few takedowns, which were shut down by Miyao. Miyao again pulled guard and earned two points with a sweep. Although Farias attempted to tie the round, he was unable to, and the clock ran out with a score of 2-0 in Miyao’s favor.

Farias was the one to pull guard in the fifth and final round, and the competitors ended up in fifty-fifty while attempting to attack each other’s feet. Joao then racked up seven points in a matter of seconds after gaining control of Farias and passing his guard. The round ended with Farias being unable to catch up to his opponent, making Miyao the winner and 60-kg ACB JJ champion.


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