Joao Miyao Is Your Kasai 6 Bantamweight Champion

After an exciting night of jiu-jitsu, Joao Miyao and Edwin “Junny” Ocasio met in the finals of Kasai 6 to determine who would be the bantamweight champion.

The match was one of teammate vs. teammate, with both athletes hailing from Unity. While Miyao had been one of the favorites to win the event, Ocasio was somewhat of an underdog. However, he quickly proved that he was a force to be reckoned with when he defeated big-name grapplers like Geo Martinez on his way to the finals. He put on a very impressive performance against his teammate, but in the end, Miyao was able to come away with the victory via points.

Third place in the event went to Richard “Red” Alarcon, who defeated Renzo Gracie standout Jon Calestine to earn the honor. Calestine’s other big match of the night happened against his competitive rival Geo Martinez. The two faced each other in the finals of EBI 10, where Calestine defeated Martinez in overtime. Many fans were excited to see their rematch, but the battle between them resulted in a draw.

Kasai 7 will take place in January 2020, with the promotion’s Elite Grappling Championship happening on October 6 this year and the Kasai Super Series Brazil taking place on November 9.


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