Joe Rogan: Anthony Bourdain Is “Joking Around Since We’ve Never Rolled”

Recently, celebrity chef, author, and world traveler Anthony Bourdain has been making headlines in the BJJ media over a statement he made about UFC color commentator and BJJ black belt Joe Rogan.

To wit:

No. I’m not rolling with that guy, it hurts. He does not roll light, he goes really really hard. He’s a neck cranker, by the way, and he’s got bowling balls for arms, no visible neck, and he only rolls with no gi. So as much as I love the guy, I’ll do anything with him; shoot animals in the brain, canoe trip, hot tubbing, whatever. But I’m not rolling with the guy.

Rogan recently took to the Underground forum in order to respond to Bourdain’s post, claiming the globetrotting foodie was “joking around”:

I saw that Bourdain posted that and I have to assume he’s joking around since we’ve never rolled and I haven’t rolled with anyone in over a year. I did his show a few months ago and we talked technique and I showed him the Japanese necktie from the darce set up because I thought it would work for him since he’s got really long arms. I certainly didn’t hurt him nor would I ever if we did roll. I haven’t posted here in forever but I thought this one probably merits my input.

The UFC color commentator and comedian went on to say:

Another thing that I think is important to bring up is that rolling light is really important. I know Bourdain was joking around but since the subject has been put out there drilling and rolling light are probably the two most important things develop your overall Jiu Jitsu game.

Bourdain certainly did not seem like he was joking around when he made the claim, and the media certainly did not take it that way.

But who knows. Maybe the Part Unknown chef did mean it all as a joke.


  1. of course Bourdain was joking around he also said Joe had arms like bowling balls…well he doesn’t really have arms like bowling balls..although they are large.

    I’ve see Joe roll a few times, the worst being against a guy that challenged him over the internet or somethig and I’ve seen him kick..

    I’d roll with him, but I also know he’d kill me in no time.


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