John Danaher Will Not Be Traveling To Singapore To Coach Garry Tonon In His Next Fight

Garry Tonon’s next ONE Championship fight has been moved to December 4, and though he won’t be there alone, he won’t have his longtime jiu-jitsu coach John Danaher there with him this time around.

Tonon, who’s scheduled to face Koyomi Matsushima in the fifth fight on the main card, has arrived in Singapore for his fight after a mandatory negative COVID-19 test result allowed him to board the plane. He’s now in quarantine for 48 hours before he’s allowed to train at the gym with the teammate that accompanied him to help him prepare for his fight.

Danaher, who announced his impending move to Puerto Rico earlier this week, shared his own words of encouragement for Tonon on social media and explained that he’d be staying behind this time due to COVID-19 restrictions that only allow one person to accompany each fighter. Due to Tonon’s relatively lengthy stay in Singapore because of all the COVID requirements, Danaher said that he believed it would be best for Tonon to have a sparring partner instead.

“Garry Tonon getting ready: Garry Tonon is counting down the days to his next MMA fight in Singapore for @onechampionship where he takes on the very talented Japanese title contender Koyomi Matsushima, who brings a very dangerous mix of Karate and Wrestling into the fight mixed with great experience in high level organizations at championship level. Mr Tonon has trained very thoroughly despite all the inherent problems due to covid restrictions and is ready for action. Sadly i will not be able to go with him this time due to covid restrictions in Singapore that only allow one person to accompany him so we agreed to send a sparring partner for preparation as he has to arrive very early for quarantine purposes and will need to train over there. Mr Tonon continues to expand his MMA repertoire but still we out a heavy emphasis on our style of Jiu jitsu as the core of his preparation. He goes onstage December 4th – hope you all enjoy the show!”

ONE Championship: Big Bang will take place on Friday, December 4 in Singapore.


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