Jon Jones Defeats Dominick Reyes, Retains UFC Title

Someone call the cops, a man was robbed in Houston, Texas.

Jon Jones landed a decision victory over football black belt Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 earlier today. In his closest match since his admitted halfhearted preparation for Gustafson at UFC 165, Jones was driven to the brink and Reyes proved he’s a man to be wary of. So great was the divisiveness at the decision, that nearly the entire post fight commentary was dedicated to faulty judging in modern MMA. “I can’t get angry enough about this,” Said UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Reyes set a suicide pace early in round one, quickly dropping Jones with a straight left to the body. This explosiveness carried Reyes for the first three rounds, defending take downs and landing solid uppercuts on the champ. Though in round three Jones began to match pace with the challenger, with two take down defenses clearly wearing on Reyes and allowing Jones to return fire.

Rounds four and five are what closed the deal for Jones. Preying on a tired Reyes, Jones was able to secure multiple take downs and avoid much further damage on the attack. Unable to keep up his pace from the first three rounds, Reyes kept focus on standing immediately from the take downs and looking for counter punch openings. As round five drew to a close, The crowd waited for a new champ to be crowned.

Their massive boo’s can be taken as evidence of their displeasure. Awarded the decision, a grateful Jones left the octagon as champion still. With this win, Jones sits at 26-1 and Reyes at 12-1. Time will tell if the temporary outcry regarding judging among fans and professionals will lead to changes.


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