Jon Jones Kicked Out Of Jackson Wink MMA

In the aftermath of Jon Jones’ recent arrest, Jackson Wink MMA will no longer hold their doors open for the former UFC light-heavyweight champion.

Mike Winklejohn dropped the news on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour stating, “I just had a conversation with him. I said, ‘Jon, here’s the deal, man. You’re like my little brother. You have to stop drinking and fix these things for a certain period of time until you come back to the gym.’ So at the moment, he’s out of the gym. He’s not allowed to come in the gym. I feel I had to do that, because ignoring it and expecting different results, as they say, is insanity… In my heart, I hope he comes back, wins the heavyweight title, stops drinking, goes forward, and goes on to bigger things.”

Winklejohn continued, “I’m hoping after a certain period of time he wants to come back to the gym and does it. But even if he doesn’t come back to the gym, I’m okay with it. In my own heart, I know that he might go on to win the heavyweight title. I’ll take myself out of a little bit of money. Whatever. That’s just not where my values are at right now. I just want to set the precedent for the rest of my guys in the gym and for people as a whole. Look, I’m all about forgiveness, but let’s go forward. Let’s fix these things. I know he can. I’m optimistic he can do that.”

Jones has been with the Jackson Wink MMA since 2009.


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