KASAI Pro 2 World Middleweight Championship Full Results

KASAI Pro 2 featured an 8 man round robin tournament to determine the inaugural KASAI World Middleweight Championship. With two brackets, the grappler with the most points from each bracket would compete for the title.

There was some momentary controversy when it was announced that Craig Jones would move on to the championship match. He and Michael Perez ended the 3rd match of the round robin series with the same number of points. The decision would then be based on who won their head-to-head match, which was Perez. The announcers quickly corrected the mistake, but the crowd was not too pleased.

Here’s a look at how the final points were broken down:

Matheus Diniz won the final match against Michael Perez. Securing two points by takedown was enough to claim the KASAI World Middleweight Championship.

Champion: Matheus Diniz
2nd Place: Michael Perez
3rd Place: Craig Jones

AJ Agazarm defeated Marcos Galvao in the first super fight of the KASAI Pro 2 main card. He started in half guard with a knee shield and worked from 50/50 to secure the tap by heel hook with 1:07 left on the clock.

In his post fight interview, Agazarm said, “Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo don’t know jack sh*t.” He went on to say that the best grapplers in the competition circuit are not actually the ones being talked about. He is tired of [Joe and Eddie] “always trying to push an agenda.”

The second super fight of the night showcased 16 year old Nicky Ryan alongside 10th Planet’s infamous Geo Martinez. The match was a dynamic battle of guard passing attempts and leg entanglements. Geo Martinez rolled for a kimora several times, but could never secure it. Nicky Ryan attempted a toe hold and finished the match with a threatening triangle and arm entanglement. Ultimately, Nicky Ryan won the match by judges’ decision.

In the final super fight of the night, Eddie Cummings defeated Renato Canuto. Cummings immediately sat to guard and proceeded to scoot throughout the match. Canuto refrained from engaging throughout the first 10 minutes, and eventually received a 1 point deduction for stalling. The final seconds of the round allowed Cummings to seal his victory with a heel hook attempt. He earned 1 point for the submission attempt as Canuto rolled out until the last second.

KASAI Pro 2 Undercard Results:
Steven Ramos defeats Ryan Kenski
Juan Quispe defeats James Hasemann
Caio Basso defeats Andrew Solano
Sergio Vilas defeats Kevin Luzardo
Cameron Florczak defeats Jason Olcott
Frank Rosenthal defeats Zach Maslany
Mikael Yahaya defeats Tony Bergamo


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