KASAI Pro 7 in Dallas, TX on Saturday, February 1st features its World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
February 1, 2020
The Bomb Factory
2713 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75226
8 Men Round Robin Heavyweights – 6 mins KASAI Rules
Group AGroup B
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu (Fight Sports)
Vinny Magalhaes (Gracie Tijuca)
Nicky Rodriguez (Renzo Gracie Academy)
Bruno Bastos ( Team LEAD)
Patrick Gaudio (GF Team)
Joao Gabriel Rocha (Double Five)
Lucas Hulk Barbosa (Atos)
Kyle Boehm (10th Planet)


  • Renato Canuto (Checkmat) Vs Dante Leon (GF Team) 170 lbs. – 10 min
  • Pedro Rocha (Double Five) Vs Mike Perez (Atos) 180 lbs. – 10 min
  • Raquel Canuto (Checkmat) Vs Gabi McComb (Gracie Humaita) 140 lbs. – 10 min
Red CornerBlue CornerMatch WeightRegulation TimeRuleOT
Rafael Formiga (Double 5)Rafael Lang (Octagon MMA)185 lbs.6 minIBJJF
Alex Martins (AMBJJ)Michael Foster (Octagon MMA)180 lbs.6 minKASAI Rules
Camron Couch (Mohler MMA)Kody Steele (Checkmat)180 lbs. 6 minKASAI Rules
Igor Paiva (Soul Fighters)Andre Gomes (AMBJJ)190 lbs.6 minIBJJF
Vinicius Agudo (Double 5)Diego Santana (Gracie Gym)170 lbs.6 minKASAI Rules
Erica Barnes (Genesis Jiu Jitsu)Kecia McKenzie (Checkmat)135 lbs.6 minKASAI Rules
Kevin HollandAnthony Cronce (TacTeam)185 lbs.6 minKASAI Rules
Sameul Nagai (Checkmat)Damion Oranday (Oranday BJJ/Alliance)155 lbs.6 minIBJJF
Tony Trammell (Soul Fighters)Mike Anderson (Shebaro BJJ)200 lbs.6 minIBJJF
Michaels Esquivel (MA/ARES) Bejanmin Annuziato (Team Lutter)165 lbs.6 minKASAI Rules
Dulce “Flaco” Flores Jr (Mohler MMA)Sal Martinez (AMBJJ)185 lbs.6 minKASAI Rules
Stephen Hall (Octagon MMA/Alliance)James Markle (Macaco Gold Team)Heavyweight6 minIBJJF
Thomas Gentille (Rilion Gracie) Vernon Lewis (Elite MMA) Heavyweight6 minKASAI Rules

 KASAI Rules:

  • KASAI Point System
    • 1 point – Submission attempt (near tap), takedown (no control)
    • 2 points – Takedown (three seconds control), sweep, and knee on belly
    • 3 points – Guard pass
    • 4 points – mount and back control with either conventional hooks or body triangle*No advantages will be awarded
  •  Legal Techniques:
    • Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the windpipe).
    • Any armbar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock
    • Any Leg Lock or Ankle Lock
    • Slamming can be used only in order to prevent submission. Otherwise is considered illegal.
  • Illegal Techniques:
    • Cervical and Neck Cranks
    • Striking of any kind
    • Eye gouging or fish hooking
    • Grabbing the ears
    • Hair pulling
    • Small joint manipulation
    • Scratching and pinching
    • Biting
    • Touching groin area
    • Hands, knees or elbows on face
    • Greasing
  • Match decisions shall be issued in the following forms:
    • Submission
    • Stoppage
    • Disqualification
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Score
    • Referee decision (Final and 3rd place match)

Match decisions shall be issued in the following forms:

  • Submission
  • Stoppage
  • Disqualification
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Score
  • Referee decision (Final and 3rd place match)

Submission:  When an athlete taps twice with his/her hand on the opponent, ground, or his/herself in a clear and apparent manner. When the athlete taps the ground twice with his/her foot when arms are trapped by an opponent. When the athlete verbally withdraws, requesting the match be stopped. When the athlete screams or emits noise expressing pain while trapped in a submission hold.

Stoppage: When one of the athletes alleges to be suffering from cramps, the opponent shall be declared the winner of the match. When the referee perceives that hold in place may expose the athlete to serious physical injury. When the doctor deems one of the athletes to be unable to continue a match due to injury rendered by the opponent using a legal hold. When an athlete presents bleeding that cannot be contained after being treated by the doctor on 2 (two) occasions, to which each athlete has the right for each injury and should be provided upon the referee’s request. When an athlete vomits or loses control of basic bodily functions, with involuntary urination or bowel incontinence.

Disqualification: When one or both athletes commit fouls.

Loss of Consciousness: The athlete shall be declared to have lost the match upon losing consciousness due to a legal hold applied by the opponent or due to an accident not stemming from an illegal maneuver by the opponent. Note: Athletes who lose consciousness because of head trauma should not be allowed to compete again in the same tournament and should be directed to undergo treatment from medical staff.

Scoring: The athlete with the most points shall be declared the winner when the match has reached the regulation time or in the event of the match being stopped due to both athletes suffering injuries.


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