Keenan Cornelius On Switching Gyms: “You’re Paying Them. If There’s Something You Don’t Like, You Can Go.”

Many jiu-jitsu practitioners have asked themselves the question “Should I stay or should I go?” when it comes to their gyms. It’s an internal debate that weighs heavily on the mind, especially if their coach leans heavily on the idea of loyalty and “creontes” being a thing in the sport.

Keenan Cornelius (who himself recently left his longtime academy, Atos, and has signed up for IBJJF Worlds under the jiu-jitsu nomad organization BJJ Globetrotters) revealed his thoughts in an interview with FloGrappling on the concept of leaving academies and what your responsibilities really are as a student. Do you agree with him?

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Do you agree with @keenancornelius ? 🤔

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