Keenan Cornelius Splits From Team Atos After Galvao Blowup

World Champion and “lapel encyclopedia” engineer Keenan Cornelius’s long relationship with powerhouse fight team Atos has ended after a disagreement with gym owner and fellow champion black belt Andre Galvao. FloGrappling reported in an exclusive earlier today that the split was Galvao’s decision.

“There are many facets to this split,” Cornelius told FloGrappling. “I was asked to leave.”

Cornelius joined Atos back in September 2013 after departing Team Lloyd Irvin amidst TLI’s legal troubles. He received both his black belt and first degree on that belt from Galvao.

Cornelius appeared to thrive at Atos, going on to win IBJJF World No-Gi, PanAms, and the European Open–among many others–after joining their roster.

Neither Galvao nor Cornelius have commented further on the split at this time.

Keenan will reportedly be going rogue until further notice.


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