Keenan Cornelius Won’t Be Representing Team USA At Abu Dhabi World Pro Due To Injury

During my stay in Tokyo, I fortunately happened to be a spectator at the IBJJF tournament and saw Keenan Cornelius in action, who was going great guns as always. In the match, he squared up with Leandro de Souza Kussano from the Over Limit BJJ stable. Kussano performed impressively during his Black Belt Open debut. Therefore, the encounter was expected to be intense and riveting. However, while attempting a takedown, Kussano twisted the knee of Keenan.

I had a very bitter sweet weekend in Japan. I went there with the intention of competing as warm up for Abu Dhabi pro, but unfortunately in the semi final of the open weight I dislocated my kneecap. I felt it on the side of my knee and let me tell you, that hurts. It relocated when I straighten my leg out and pushed it back into place. There's a certain sick feeling that follows pain like that I'm sure you all know. The ref and doctor came and asked if I could continue the match. My blink thought process was that my knee was probably pretty ****** but I know I would feel much worse after if I let myself lose a match from deciding to quit. Maybe the adrenaline from the injury clouded my judgment a little but I went on to finish the match by bow and arrow and closed out in the finals with a teammate in Marcos Souza. I'm back in the states now and have been seeing some doctors and I'm on the road to recovery! Thank for all the contributed support from the community. And special thanks to my sponsor @doordie for supporting me through these last few injuries I've had over the last couple months. I will be back stronger than ever! @doordie #iamhyperfly #ycth #youcantteachheart

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The injury was accidental or part of the normal course of things. However, it was serious enough to put the brakes on the encounter abruptly for a breather. Post some contemplation of the scenario, Keenan decided to go ahead with the match, which he ended up winning. But the injury was a bit serious for Keenan to go ahead with the remainder of the championship so that the damage does not get aggravated or turn career-threatening.


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