Kevin Casey Challenges Gordon Ryan To Combat Jiu-Jitsu Match

Gordon Ryan may be fresh off his win at last night’s EBI 14: Absolutes, but that’s not stopping his long list of challengers from demanding a match with him.

This time, it’s Bellator Middleweight and BJJ black belt Kevin Casey…and he’s not simply interested in arm bars or toe holds, either.

Casey wants Gordon in a Combat jiu-jitsu match.

The Bellator Middleweight wrote on Instagram:

@eddiebravo10 Let’s get a feature combat match me VS @gordonlovesjiujitsu (KING vs KING). See how solid his Jits is for real 🤔. It’s all good till your getting slapped in the face. #oldschooljits. (Repost this s*** Folks) Death Sqaud Rite ?!? Lol

The post featured a picture of Batman slapping Robin.

Gordon has talked about going into MMA. After all, his teammate, Garry Tonon, has just signed a contract with an MMA promotion.  And if Gordon does decide to get serious about mixed martial arts, perhaps a slap fight against a professional MMA fighter will be the perfect intro into what lies ahead.

Check out Kevin Casey’s Instagram post below:


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