Kevin Lee Defeats Michael Chiesa With Controversial Submission Victory

It was a disappointing ending for Mike Chiesa when he took on Kevin Lee in the main event of UFC Fight Night 112.

There was a lot of bad blood between the two fighters due to some of Kevin Lee’s words about Chiesa’s mother. Both fighters refused to touch gloves, and when the first bell went off, both were eager to get in there and fight.

The two men were light on their feet while they were measuring each other up. Chiesa locked in a guillotine choke early and Lee pressed his opponent up against the cage. Kevin got both of his arms under Mike’s legs and lifted his opponent up, holding him in the air for about ten seconds before slamming him to the ground.

Lee pushed his way out of Chiesa’s guillotine, but soon had a triangle attempt to contend with. Kevin had both of his hands through, though, and tried to pass to side control.

Michael, however, moved to his knees, and Kevin transitioned into a back control, locking in a body triangle.

From there, it was all over for Michael Chiasa. Lee pounded away at his opponent, and in the last 30 seconds locked in a deep rear naked choke.

His arm was deep under Chiesa’s chin, but Michael never tapped. Still, much to the chagrin of Chiesa and many fans, the referee stopped the match.

Michael Chiesa was visibly irate, and he protested the decision. Still, both he and Kevin Lee shook hands at the end of the fight.

Winner by (controversial) submission: Kevin Lee!


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