Korean Zombie Announces Retirement After Max Holloway Loss: “I Haven’t Achieved Everything, But I’ve Achieved Enough”

Chan Sung Jung, 36, better known as the Korean Zombie, has hung up his MMA gloves for the last time, according to an announcement on Jung’s official Instagram after a KO loss to Max Holloway at their UFC headliner this past Saturday. A top-ten featherweight and longtime fan draw, the Korean Zombie made a heartfelt statement in his retirement announcement.

“I haven’t achieved everything, but I’ve achieved enough, and wanting more in my head is like greed, so I’m trying to stop,” wrote Jung, according to a translation per MMA Mania.

“I feel like I’ve received undeserved love compared to what I’ve done, so I’m grateful to everyone. Now I don’t think I will live a life of being judged and compared any more, so I feel free, relieved, and scared. In the meantime… Thank you so much for loving Korean Zombie. I was really, really happy while fighting in the UFC. Thank you [UFC] and [Sean Shelby and Dana White] for letting me live this life. And it was an honor for [Holloway] to be my last fight opponent. Let’s greet each other with a bright smile someday.”


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