Leandro Lo Submits Alex Munis In Superfight At BJJ Stars 5

Leandro Lo came back to the BJJ Stars stage tonight at BJJ Stars 5 and scored a technical and decisive win against Dream Art’s Alex Munis, who was a last-minute replacement for Lo’s original opponent, Gustavo Batista.

After circling each other on the feet, for which they received a penalty, the competitors went to the ground after Lo pulled guard. Munis grabbed both pant legs and tried to pressure his way past, but Lo kept him at a safe distance until the match returned to the feet. Lo scooped up a single-leg and got Munis to the ground to put the first two points on the board, shutting down a sweep attempt, but being unable to avoid getting locked up inside Munis’ closed guard.

Munis tried to work Lo’s lapels, but Lo pushed forward to flatten his opponent out. With just under five minutes left in the match, Lo broke the guard and stood up while Munis tried to control his lapel. Lo put pressure down in a strong passing attempt, with Munis narrowly preventing the pass by holding onto quarter-guard. Lo then moved into his signature knee-cut to collar-choke transition, and with one foot still trapped inside Munis’ guard, he locked up the choke and finished it in seconds, tapping out Munis with about 3:43 left to go.

Lo was declared the winner via choke.


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