Liam Kowal’s Heart Saves A Life, Drunk Driver Rearrested

Liam Kowal – the son of MMA fighter Marcus Kowal – died tragically when a drunk driver hit him and his aunt over Labor Day weekend.

He was only 15 months old.

You can read more about the tragedy here and here.

Thankfully, some good will come out of this horrible incident.

According to CNN, little Liam’s heart now beats in the chest of another, “giving life after his own was so sadly taken.” His organs have also been used for research.

In an article from NBC in Los Angeles, Tom Mone of the transplant donor network, OneLegacy, said “Liam’s organs helped a woman in her 40’s get a kidney transplant and get off dialysis. An infant will also receive a heart valve transplant.”

This is what the boy’s parents wanted.

“If he can’t use his own body . . .” Liam’s mother, Mishel Eder told CNN. ” . . . if he’s gone, we can at least save somebody else.”

The wheels of justice are also turning for the baby’s accused killer, Donna Marie Higgins.  The 72-year-old Higgins, who allegedly hit Liam while she drove drunk through a crosswalk, has been rearrested on vehicular manslaughter charges.

Despite the crime she has been accused of, Marcus said he does not care what happens to her.

“In my opinion it’s a very clear cut case. I don’t think she will ever walk on the streets again. I don’t care. Anything that happens to her is not gonna bring my son back.”

However, the nature of his son’s death prompted the mixed martial artist to make a video in which he pleads with viewers to not only avoid drunk driving, but also stop their friends from doing so.

You can watch the short video below.

Don't drink and drive. Don't let a friend do it either.

Posted by Marcus Kowal on Wednesday, September 7, 2016




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