Liz Carmouche Announced As Part Of Team 10th Planet For April’s All-Female Quintet Event

Image Source: Liz Carmouche via Instagram

Quintet has changed up the traditional BJJ tournament format with a team-based event featuring some of jiu-jitsu’s top athletes, and in April, they’ll host an all-female event.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times has reached out to Quintet to inquire about the event, but haven’t received a response as of publication time. However, Eddie Bravo has revealed what to expect from the 10th Planet team.

Following Liz Carmouche’s win at the UFC last weekend, Bravo revealed that the 10th Planet San Diego black belt would be joining his team. She will be competing alongside Elvira Karpinnen (10th Planet Tempere), Grace Gundram (10th Planet Bethlehem), Lila Smadja (10th Planet HQ & 10th Planet Pasadena), and Fabiana Jorge (10th Planet Denver).

As we anxiously await the announcements of the other teams and participants at the event, mark your calendars for April 7, when this exciting event will be streaming live from Tokyo, Japan on UFC Fight Pass.


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